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825 plus
Smooth Drivable HP
Williams Precision Engines

Sprint Car Engine Combinations


The building of Sprint Car Engines has been a passion of mine for years..

I have spent years and accumulated countless hours researching, testing, and developing engines specifically for sprint cars. In that time we have produced some fantastic combinations with proven track performance.


Building a engine with big HP is not a problem these days, but developing a engine that promotes forward bite and still makes enough grunt to set fast time is the trick!


For the past few years building the most horsepower is not what we have strived for in our non wing engine combinations, rather than smooth drivable power that allows the driver to hook his car to the track.


A car that is hooked up will be a lot faster than one blowing the tires all the way around the track come feature time!  


Take advantage of our experience and desire to win!

WPE Unlimited 410 Sprint Car Engine
This Engine was designed for the Racer that wants nothing but the best for his money.

We custom build combinations for both Dirt and Pavement Sprint Cars.



*Lightened & Blueprinted Aluminum Block with 50mm Roller Cam Bearings 
* CNC Ported Cylinder Heads, with Titanium Intake valves, Titanium  Retainers,

  and High Tech Inner Wound Valve Springs..
*Light Weight Callies Magnum 4340 Steel Crankshaft
*Custom Light Weight Forged & Coated Racing Pistons

*Dyer Connecting 300M Rods.
*Molly Rings
*H Bearings
*Comp Cams Custom Roller Camshaft & Lifters
*T&D Roller Shaft Rockers
*Manliey 4340 HD 3/8 Pushrods
*Injectors Ported & Plumbed for better cooling of heads
*Aluminum Dry Sump Oil Pan
*Sheet Aluminum WPE Valve Covers
*Dry Sump Oil Pump
*Gear Drive
*Fuel Pump and Bypasses Included.


Brand NEW !!!

Complete and Dyno Tested 410..    30k with most standard options..  
Ready to drop in the car.........


WPE Sprint Engine built in 1995

www. WPE Speed Shop. Com