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WPE Cylinder Head Repair Services





Cylinder head rebuilding and repair is one of Williams Precision Engines specialties. 

Our cylinder head experience stems back to the late 80's when we started shop up as strictly a head shop.  In 1990 WPE expanded to performing block, crank, connecting rod machine work as well as building complete engines. 


Below are a few photos of cylinder heads that have been repaired and in some cases welded up to salvage.


WPE has experience working on all types of cylinder heads from Antique Classics, Nostalgic Muscle Cars, Industrial, Farm, OEM Stock, to all out High Performance..   Our machine shop has been relied upon by dozens of repair shops and dealership service departments for nearly 20 years to perform fast high quality cylinder head work to keep their customers happy. Do not hesitate to call us for help on any cylinder head repair work you might need.