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Williams Precision Engines
St Paul, Indiana

Custom Engineered Balanced Rotating Assemblies,
WPE can build a rotating assembly including Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Connecting Rods & Crankshaft.
Just about any brand of components you choose with any crank configuration you want is available. 
WPE will internal balance your rotating assembly to less than a gram on both ends of the crank. 
Our quality is second to none and will never be compromised.  
WPE has exceptional deals with Callies, Compstar, Dyer Top Rods, Howards HRC, Scatt, JE, SRP, Mahle, Total Seal, ACL, Clevite, and many others.. Let us quote you a price using guaranteed top quality components at the best price available.  
If all you want is the individual components, like a crank or set of rods, that is fine too,, Just drop me a e-mail and let e know what you are looking for and I will be glad to quote you the best price I can.


UNDER Construction !! 

More To Come,, Please Call Us And I'll Be Glad To Quote You A Price!!


All Prices listed Subject to change without notice! 




size & Max HP



Piston Brand & Compression

Cyl head


Chevy LS1  See Photo

383   600 HP

4" Eagle 4340 Forged steel

6.125 Callies Compstar H-beam

Mahle Forged Flat Top 11.0-1

LS1 @ 64cc


SB Chevy All out Race Circle Track

Any Size 725 HP

 HRC 4340 Pro series cranks any Stroke

6" Callies Compstar H-Beam

JE Forged Dome any size or compression

23 & 18 Race only heads


SB Chevy Hot Rod Street

383   450 HP

 Scatt Cast Steel 3.750 stroke

 Eagle 6" SIR 5140 I-Beam

 Speed Pro Flat Top Hypertectic  10-1 compression

76 cc 


 SB Chevy  Sportsman Circle Track

any size  600 HP

 Scatt 4340 Steel 3.750 Stroke

Eagle 6" 4340 CRS H-Beam 

SRP Forged Dome 13-1 compression
































 We can custom build just about any size make or model rotating assembly to meet your engines needs!!   Give us a call if you don't see what you are looking for,,  I just might be able to help.