Connecting Rods




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Connecting Rods 

available from Williams Precision Engines

Quality Rods For all Applications

Discounted Pricing Available


Callies Compstar Connecting Rods are a excellent choice for any Sportsman Engine making 650 to 700 HP... 

Call WPE For a great price on this quality rod!



Manley Performance Products make a top notch Pro Series

Connecting Rod capable of handling 650 HP circle track combinations. 



Dyer Top Rods are made of a 300M premium steel and heat treated with some of the highest standards. 


I considered these rods to be the very Best Rods available In The world!  800+HP all day long!

The Perfect upgrade for any High HP Engine!


We use these rods in all of our Sprint Car and Late 

Model Engines. 


The Eagle Rod makes a excellent rod for use in Sportsman and Pro Street Engines making limited Horse Power when compared to our ground pounders.. They have been very dependable when used in the right applications! 


The Eagle 3D Rod makes a excellent rod used in Sportsman engines making less than 600HP. Made of 4340 and uses 7/16 8740 ARP bolts.  

The Eagle SIR Rod is a excellent rod for any application making 450HP and less. Available in both bushed and press fit. Made of 5140 material with 3/8 ARP bolts.