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WPE Pro Street & Bracket Race

Our custom engine shop has extensive experience building custom engines for Pro Street and Bracket Drag Racing as well. Since 1990 WPE has spent countless hours researching, testing, and developing engines for several classes of race cars. In 1998 we were proud to announce our line of Sportsman SB chevy combinations. This engine combination that was specifically designed for the budget minded sportsman racer has proven it’s worth and value by taking our customers to many winner circles over the past several years....

Let WPE custom build you a winner!!!!


Series I 383 Pro Street Sportsman Engine

This Engine was designed for the Pro Street or occasional Bracket Racer in mind. Achieving the biggest power potential on pump gas with a modest budget, while still getting top quality and dependability was the target we were shooting for when designing this combination.

Components Included;

*NEW GM SBC Block WPE Blueprinted with ARP main studs.

*Dart Cast Iron Eagle Platinum Cyl Heads with WPE Competition Valve Job, SS Valves, HD Valve Springs, & 7/16 Studs

*Scatt Steel Crankshaft (Internally Balanced)

*SRP / JE Light Weight Forged Performance Pistons

*Molly 1/16 x 1/16 x 3/16 Rings

*H Series Performance Bearings

*Eagle 6” Bushed Steel I Beam Connecting Rods

*Comp Cams Extreme Energy (TM) Cam & Lifters

*Aluminum Roller Rockers & 4340 HD Pushrods

*Edelbrock Air Gap Intake

*Performance T Sump Oil Pan to Control Oil

*Cast Aluminum Valve Covers…... ECT!!!!


Dart Block Series II & III Unlimited Pro Street / Strip Engines


Darts Little M Cast Iron Block has quickly become the preferred choice when bigger cubes and higher HP is desired! The bullet proof bottom end and extra thick cylinder walls of the Dart Steel block makes it capable of handling gobs of torque with reliability not being sacrificed.

(We can build up to 430 CI, install a blower and still feel safe using the Dart Little M Block!!)