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New and Used Deals on some Great Components


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Occasionally we have some good deals on used and new components listed on e-bay.

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We have adds listed on Racing Junk every so often also..
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scherz eng


For Sale,
400 Chevy
GOOD Used 400ci SBC pavement Late model engine..
( Retiring from Racing) is only reason for sale.  
Would make a very good dirt or pavement Modified engine..
In excellent shape, very dependable, & ready to race..
Comes with KB slick track small cfm Carb and makes 550HP,, Very smooth HP curve easy to drive.. 
An open carb would bump HP up to 625 - 650.. ( will supply one and dyno if buyer wants us too)   
Wet sump, Dan Olson Aluminum Oil Pan.
T&D shaft Rockers
Dart Pro 1 215 runner Aluminum heads ( ported by WPE)
Ferrera 1000 series SS valves
Titanium retainers and nex tec springs
Super Victor Intake
Dart SHP Block (6 races since new)
JE Pistons, ( 6 races since new)
Custom Comp Cams Roller Cam
Scatt Crank
Eagle Rods,
MLS gaskets, MSD dist,  
Stewart Water Pump,,
All good quality parts,, never broken and all standard sizes..
Please Call with any questions,,
Roger Williams
Williams Precision Engines





Custom Engineered Balanced Rotating Assemblies,

WPE can build a rotating assembly including Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Connecting Rods & Crankshaft.
Just about any brand of components you choose with any crank configuration you want is available.

WPE will internal balance your rotating assembly to less than a gram on both ends of the crank.
Our quality is second to none and will never be compromised.

WPE has exceptional deals with Callies, Compstar, Dyer Top Rods, Howards HRC, Scatt, JE, SRP, Mahle, Total Seal, ACL, Clevite, and many others.. Let us quote you a price using guaranteed top quality components at the best price available.

If all you want is the individual components, like a crank or set of rods, that is fine too,, Just drop me a e-mail and let e know what you are looking for and I will be glad to quote you the best price I can.



Check back often for other deals and sales!