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WPE Dirt Late Model Engines

Williams Precision Engines custom engine shop specializes in building engines to meet your specific needs. Since 1990 WPE has spent countless hours researching, testing, and developing engines for circle track use. Take advantage of our experience and desire to win!



Limited Steel Block Late Model Engine 725 HP

This 415 cubic inch Engine produces excellent power and reliability utilizing the best wet sump technology and components. The 18 degree heads provide a super smooth torque curve that is easy to drive. Top quality components like Dyer Rods, Dart Little M Block, Callies 4340 Crankshaft, JE Pistons, & T&D Rockers are used.

This 415 has got one excellent FLAT torque curve that is easy to hook up to the track making this engine combination good enough to even compete with the unlimited late models most nights, while only costing a fraction of the price..  




Unlimited DIRT Late Model Engine 750HP plus

This Engine is designed for the Racer that wants nothing but the best for his money. We start with a Dart Aluminum Block and install top quality components like Dyer Rods, Callies Cranks, JE Pistons, CNC Ported Brodix Heads, Titanium Valves, Long lasting Performance Proven valve springs, and the list goes onů

Any cubic inch combination you want can be achieved.