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Williams Precision Engines

www . wpespeedshop . com

The Best Deals on The Best Performance Parts anywhere! 

Buy your performance parts from a professional Engine Builder that cares about making sure you get the parts you need not a pimple faced commission hungry kid trying to bleed you dry. 


Why Should I Buy From WPE ?

  We Have Over 400,000 parts ready for quick UPS delivery to your shop.... All our Parts are Priced to be Competitive and or beat the mail order magazine companies, plus you get a satisfaction guarantee and technical support that can't be matched by any of our competition.  Call or E-Mail WPE for all your performance parts needs.. I will be happy to quote you a price or just answer any technical questions you might have for free!!




Williams Precision Engines is a custom engine machine shop. We specialize in building custom engines to meet your specific needs. Since 1990 WPE has spent countless hours researching, testing, and developing racing engines for all classes of track use, specifically Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, & Sportsman Bracket Drag Racing.

The WPE Engine shop is equipped with good high quality equipment that we are constantly updating to keep ahead of the competition. We offer a complete high quality machine shop service to our racers that include custom cylinder head porting and flow testing, cylinder head reconditioning and repair, block machining and repairs, crankshaft inspection and repairs, engine balancing, connecting rod reconditioning, and a state of the art computerized dyno facilities.

WPE is dedicated to building the best racing engines that money can buy, but we also realize that the sportsman racers of today can only afford so much. This is where we have been able to shine. We can generally build the best horsepower per dollar ratio engine combo available anywhere.

We have proven performance with countless feature wins and track championships in a multitude of car classes including the wing and non wing sprint cars, UMP Modifieds, and even the 2300cc mini stocks. Since 2000 WPE has racked up hundreds of feature wins combined. Keep in mind that we are a small shop that would rather concentrate on the quality of our products, not high production rates. We would be proud to join your team!

Our doors are always open and the nickel tour is free…