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Let WPE Rebuild & Update Your Current Engine






Engine Rebuilding Labors

Our Shop is not solely based on building just brand new engines, we will also service and rebuild your engine.

WPE will be glad to rebuild and update your current racing engine even if we didnít originally build it. In some cases we even have customers that might have accumulated some perfectly good parts and want us to build a engine using what they already have. We are always eager to discuss what we can do for a customer. 


WPE also restores classic and antique engines back to brand new specs.

Your old Hot Rod will never run better!


Complete Rebuild & Dyno Labor Packages Include;

  • Disassembly of engine 

  • Inspections & hot tank cleaning of all parts,  

  • Magnafluxing of all components and parts, 

  • All needed machine work as described above to rebuild engine (including, cylinder boring, honing, align bore repairs, pin bushings, all needed crank repairs, ect)  

  • Carburetor or Injection tune up or rebuilding as needed,

  • Ignition tune up and distributor rebuilding as needed,

  • Dyno testing and tuning of engine, including adjusting of fuel curve, and timing.  

  • Rebuilding and inspections of dry sump pumps,

  • Almost everything that wares out or could go wrong is addressed, fixed and covered in these labor package deals.  (there are sometimes exceptions to this but not often)  

  • You get back a completely rebuilt & proven engine ready to drop in the car!! It will be done right!!  


You get back a completely rebuilt


Dyno proven engine ready to drop in the car!!  It will be done right!! 


  • Rebuild & Dyno Stock OEM or Classic Street Engine to original specs, Special attention to color and details for restoration purposes is no problem. Antique restorations may cost extra depending on condition.  


  • Rebuild & Dyno Pro Street Performance Engine


  • Rebuild & Dyno Sportsman Racing Engine (Modifieds, & Street Stocks including most race engines with wet sump oil systems)


  • Rebuild & Dyno Sprint Car Engines with dry sumps


  • Rebuild & Dyno Late Model Engines with dry sumps




Prices are for shop labors only,, parts that are needed cost extra.

Prices listed are for the rebuilding of a existing engine.

Prices to build a new engine combination will very, please contact us for that.   

Prices are subject to adjustment!

If special circumstances require, additional fees will be applied!


Quality is always our first concern and priority! 

Thank You!


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