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450 to 600 HP
Williams Precision Engines
383 Sportsman Engine Combinations
Let WPE Help Put Your Team In The Winners Circle



    Williams Precision Engines is a custom engine shop. We specialize in building custom engines to meet your specific need.  For the past ten years WPE has spent countless hours researching, testing, and developing engines for circle track use, specifically Sprints, Modifieds and Street Stocks. In 1997 we were proud to announce our new line of 383 SB Chevy combinations specifically designed for the budget minded sportsman racer that still wants to compete with the heavy hitters with the big budgets. This Series of engine has proved to be very dependable as well as fast winning hundreds of features since we began this program...

ALL BRAND NEW (No used parts used at all)


     Series I Sportsman 383 Engine

    This Engine was designed for the Racer with a limited budget that still
    needs quality and dependability. It also adapts well for pro-street
    *NEW GM Standard Bore Blueprinted and studded straight 4 bolt main SBC Block!
    *Dart Iron Eagle 64cc Angle Plug Cylinder Heads, Ported with Competition Valve Job, SS Valves, HD Springs, & 7/16 Studs
    *Scat 3.750 Stroke Cast Steel Crankshaft  (Internally Balanced within a gram)

    *SRP Light Weight Forged Racing Pistons
    *Plasma Molly Rings
    *Clevite H Race Bearings
    *Eagle SIR 6 4340 Steel I Beam Connecting Rods
    *Custom Grind Solid Flat Tappet Camshaft & Lifters
    *Roller Rockers & 4340 one piece HD Pushrods
    *Edelbrock Super Victor Jr. Intake Ported & Plumbed for better cooling of heads
    *Canton 8 quart Circle Track Wet Sump Oil Pan
    *WPE Cast Aluminum Valve Covers with left side Breathers

    *Power Bond Harmonic Damper 

    *JP Performance True Roller Timing Set with Torrington Bearing

    *Melling High Volume Racing Oil Pump. 


     500 + HP     




    Series II Sportsman 383 Engine
    This Engine was intended for the the more experienced racer that
    needs the extra horsepower to get out in front of competition.


     Same as Series I Plus
    *Aluminum Dart Pro1Cylinder heads Ported and set up with 

    HD parts for Roller Cam Applications

    *Rocker Stud Girdles
    *4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft

    *Custom Ground Roller Camshaft, & Lifters
    *Eagle 3D Steel H-Beam Rods  


    550  + HP      



    Series III Sportsman 383 Engine

      Same as Series II with the addition of the following; 

    *WPE Ported Dart Pro1 aluminum cylinder heads with titanium retainers and the 

        (The best valve train components that money can buy.)  

    *HRC All American made 4340 Pro Series Crankshaft..

    *Callies Compstar 4340 Connecting Rods with ARP 2000 bolts 

    *Rev Kit to stabilize roller lifters at higher RPM

    *ATI Super Balancer 


    600 + HP   



    All Combinations are priced as Complete Long Blocks From Oil Pan to Intake,, 

    Dyno Tuning is also included!

    Customer can either provide his existing accessories such as carb and ignition so we can tune engine properly or we can supply brand new for a additional expense. 


    Options that can be added to all our combinations

    • MSD Ignition Systems 

    • Custom made Scott Racing Plug Wires

    • Aluminum Water Pump

    • Under drive Racing Pulleys and Belt

    • Power Steering Pumps, Brackets, and all related accessories. 

    • WPE Custom Built HP Series Holley, or Willys, Carburetors available in either Alcohol or Gasoline.

    • High Volume Fuel Pump and Plumbing (Belt or Pushrod style) 

    • DART Little M Cast Iron Block with Splayed Main Caps....