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Sportsman Series 23 Degree Engine

Pro Series 18 degree Engine


Our Sportsman line of SB chevy combinations were specifically designed for the budget minded racer that still wants to compete with the heavy hitters with the bigger budgets. These engine combination have proven them selves with fantastic performance during past racing seasons with multiple championships at various tracks . WPE also produces some of the best Pro Series Engines in the UMP ranks. Our 23 degree and 18 degree head Pro series 415 combinations have posted hundreds of wins and proven their reliability to be as tough as any on the market.


400 SHP Sportsman Engine 600 HP

This Engine was designed for the Racer with a limited budget that still needs quality and dependability. New DART SHP Block, Dart Cast Iron Platinum Cylinder Heads, Callies Crankshaft and Rods makes this engine fast but as affordable as possible without compromising reliability.


400 SHP Series II Sportsman Engine 625 HP

New Dart SHP Block, custom roller cam, and WPE Ported  Aluminum Cylinder Heads allow this engine to compete up front at most any track .


415 Pro Series UMP Modified Engine 675 smooth HP !

This is our best all around performing Modified engine for the money. Fast enough to set fast time at

Eldora during the Nationals in 05 and win 5 track championships at Lawrenceburg in 5 straight years.

Yet affordable enough to be one of our best selling engines. CNC ported 23 degree aluminum heads,

Dart Little M Block and top quality components makes this a very reliable and fast combo. It has not

been uncommon to see this engine compete for 5 seasons straight with no more than a basic freshen

up between seasons. Our extensive R&D, track testing and experience over the years has helped us to

develop this combination into one of the best all around engine combinations available at any price.


415 18 degree Pro Series UMP Modified Engine

700 plus HP that still works on the slick!

18 degree heads on top of a bullet proof Dart Steel block.. This engine will make big torque with a

super smooth flat torque curve. The flat torque curve we have developed allows this engine to be very

drivable in the slick yet when there is moisture on the track you better hang on, because your going to

be the fastest on the track. This engine is for the racer that has his chassis working real good and

wanting to compete with the best in the business.

( This is the absolute Best Modifed Engine available anywhere!! )


Ask some of the Modified customers that we have worked for and that you know what they think about our performance and dedication to their success..

Let us join your team, so we can both be in victory lane!


Ray Humphery, Shelby Miles, Brad Wieck, Danny Schwartz, Daryl Herbert, Kerry Norris, Steve King,

Curt Spalding, Greg Socha, Kenny Carmichael, Tony Mcvey, Greg Beem, Tony Jarvis, JD Francis,

David Everoad, Billy Wagner, Carlos Bumgardner, JD Largent, John Martin, Plus many others...