WPE Engine Dyno



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Precision Tune Your Racing Engine


with WPE's


DTS Computerized Dynometer

We Can Tune Your Engine for optimum Power and Reliability





Williams Precision Engines has been involved in building racing engines for several top teams in

Sprint Cars, Late Models and Modifieds since 1990.


Proper tuning of our combinations is a must for both performance and reliability...

Our Dyno is very repeatable and accurate.


Our Dyno is equipped with a multitude of sensors such as a O2 sensor, all eight EGT Sensors,

Fuel Flow meter, and a fuel PSI sensor to help us better map and tune your engine to it's full potential. 

We also provide our customers with the density altitude at the time we tune their engine so they can accurately adjust jetting when racing in different climates and elevations.


Setting the timing and fuel curves properly for a given application is a absolute must if you expect your engine to live, much less be a winner. 


Much less talked about but still important is the simple fact that we are able to catch any oil leaks or improperly sealed gaskets before the engine ever leaves our shop. This may not sound like much, but race day is not the time to discover even the smallest of problems. Imagine shoehorning in your new engine into your hot rod with a real nice paint job and then finding out that you have even the smallest of leaks that requires the engine being pulled back out,,, what a pain..


A multitude of problems can be eliminated when we dyno your engine before it go's into your car.    


You Tube Video of WPE's 18 degree Dirt Modified Engine on the dyno,, check it out!