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My name is Roger Williams and I would like to welcome you to my home page.


This Page is dedicated to all the fine Racers that do business with WPE.


I have a few cool racing links and photos of some hot shoes that we build engines for listed in the WPE Customers Section.  Please check them out and let me know what you think. 

(If there are any WPE Customers out there that would like to be posted here please e-mail me a photo and I will get you posted.)


WPE is dedicated to building the best racing engines that money can buy, but we also realize that the sportsman racers of today can only afford so much.  This is where we have been able to shine!


I can generally build the best horsepower per dollar ratio engine combo available anywhere.


We have proven our performance winning hundreds of features and earning multiple track championships in several different classes and divisions since 1990 when we started up shop. 
This is quite a accomplishment considering we are small shop with limited man power...


Our goal is simply to produce only the best engines we can.  I don't feel that can be accomplished in a assembly line type shop with to many different people working on the same project.


WPE is proud of all of our customers and the racers that have grown to depend on us over the past seasons that we have been in business, and I greatly appreciate all their loyalty.


Last year was another good year for us with customers adding feature wins and championships to our list of accomplishments, but we feel we have just begun.

Give us a call today and lets help each other get in victory lane!    


I will be glad to answer any questions, feel free to send me e-mail I will answer all.


Thanks Rog....



Credits and Special Notes


Special Thanks need to go to the following

My wife Lorie Williams

My Kids, Amanda and Rebecca

My Dad Roger Williams Sr.

The top notch Machinists I have in the Shop

Kenny Jones

Richard Nugent

Erik Duerstock

And of course the good Lord above!


Without any of the above none of what we have done would be possible!