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Machine Shop Labor Guide

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Stock Automotive Cylinder Head Labor

Stock Automotive Block Labor

Valve Job inline 4 cyl

Thermal clean & blast block

Valve Job OHC 4 cyl

Check main journal bores

Valve Job inline 6 cyl

Adjust / correct out of spec mains

Valve Job V6 cyl

Align bore mains

Valve Job V8 cyl

Install cam bearings

Mill 4 cyl head up to .010

Magnaflux block

Mill inline 6 cyl head up to .010

Bore & hone cylinder (ea.) min 4 @ time

Valve Guide replace each (plus parts) Minimum 4 guides

Recondition Stock V8 block (includes all the above labors as necessary.)

Valve Seat install each (plus parts)

Performance / Race Block Labor

Cylinder Head Hot Weld Crack Repair

Bore V8 block up to .040

Weld & Recon aluminum head plus parts

Bore V8 block up to .080

Weld & Recon cast head plus parts

Bore V8 block up to .125

Performance / Racing Cyl Head Labor

Hone block with torque plate

Competion Valve Job 4 cyl

Deck V8 block \\ with mains

Competion Valve Job V8 cyl

PSI test SBC block

Bronze Valve Guide install each

Install 4 bolt main caps (plus parts)

Mill cyl head to desired chamber CC

Clearance block for longer strokes

Angle mill head to desired CC

Install cylinder sleeve (each) plus parts

Machine for larger valve springs

Race prep & Fully machine SBC Block 

CC one combustion chamber

Connecting Rod Labor

Stage I bowel port & gasket match SBC

Re-size rod (each)

Install screw-in-studs in pr of heads

Re-size rod with ARP bolts (each)

Flow test head and record findings

Full float wrist pins (each)

Rebush rod (each) plus parts

Crankshaft Labor

Press piston on or off (each)

Grind crankshaft

Engine Assembly Labor

Hot tank, check and polish

Assemble Stock Long Block

Magnaflux crankshaft

Assemble Race Long Block

Balance V8 Assembly (add for HM)

Dyno Engine Assembly Per Day

Carburetor Rebuilding Labor Complete Rebuild Labor Packages
Holley Circle Track Carb Rebuild & Dyno Street Performance Engine
Street Holleys with electric chokes Rebuild & Dyno Sportsman Engine (Modifieds, & Street Stocks  wet sumps)
Q-Jet street carbs Rebuild & Dyno Sprint Car Engine
Q_Jet Race Carbs Rebuild & Dyno Late Model Engine


All labor prices that are listed are subject to change at any time and may differ from what is listed!



 To see what our Complete Rebuild & Dyno Labor Packages Includes


This is only a small list of labor operations that we perform,

Please call for other services and prices not listed above.

Thank You for your interest in WPE I hope to be able to serve you soon. 


Prices subject to change without notice.